Term by term

The foundation course
is split into six terms

Each term offers our students specific and unique development opportunities

Our programme is designed to forge well-rounded, creative and ambitious artists. So, we offer intensive training and full-scale musical productions throughout the year. Both in standard and immersive settings. Because by the time we say goodbye our aim is for our students to be ready to take their next step into the world of theatre at drama school.

Term 1: Intensive training

Duration: 6 weeks

Dates: 19 September – 29 October

The first term will be intensive musical theatre training across a range of disciplines. In order to hone and advance students’ existing skills. So, working with our professional team of tutors and coaches, they will be prepared with a solid technical grounding for the intensive life of drama-school. On top of intensive classes, students will rehearse for a halloween cabaret taking place on the last Friday of term.

Professional Development experience

What development will you be offered?

Term 2: Immersive musical

Duration: 6 weeks

Dates: 7 November – 18 December

The winter term will be spent casting and rehearsing a fully-staged immersive musical at Vivo HQ. Students will work covering multiple tracks to establish a grounding in the workings of professional musical theatre and prepare them for casting as it will be at drama school and beyond. This will be over multiple performances to give students as much opportunity on stage as is possible.

What development will you be offered?

Term 3: Play and Workshops

Duration: 5 weeks

Dates: 9 January – 10 February

The first spring term will see the company explore acting repertoire to hone their grounding in non-musical theatre material. This will culminate in a fully staged play production at Vivo HQ. Alongside this, students will be taught and guided by visiting lecturers and industry professionals from elite colleges and institutions.

What development will you be offered?

Term 4: Showcase

Duration: 7 weeks

Dates: 20 February – 8 April 

The Easter term 2023 will shift focus to an industry-style showcase for all students. Each student will be given the opportunity to perform on their own to demonstrate their strengths and casting, as well as being a part of the wider ensemble.

What development will you be offered?

Term 5: Student-led production

Duration: 5 weeks

Dates: 24 April – 27 May

The first of our two summer terms will see a student led production of a musical, condensed down to an hour. Overseen by our professional tutors, we aim to give our students experience in taking on different production and performance based roles to give them a wide array of experience, enabling them to have a full appreciation of what is required to produce theatre.

What development will you be offered?

Term 6: Full scale musical at an external venue

Duration: 6 weeks

Dates: 5 June – 15 July

The final term will consist of a full scale, immersive musical production in an external, regional venue.

What development will you be offered?

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